Natural Preservatives

Posted on February 7, 2018
Written by: 100% PURE®

Rather than using chemical preservatives, we use natural preservatives such as anti-bacterial herbs. 100% PURE® utilizes a unique proprietary natural preservative system that allows us to make pure, 100% natural formulas with long shelf lives without using any harmful chemical preservatives.

no chemical preservatives
Synthetic preservatives contain harmful chemicals like parabens, formaldehyde (a known carcinogen), and formaldehyde-releasing chemicals that can be absorbed through the skin and have been linked to skin sensitivity and cancer.

nature’s preservatives
Rather than using these harmful chemical preservatives, 100% PURE® uses a natural preservative system composed of all natural ingredients: Japanese Honeysuckle, Thyme, Oregano, Goldenseal, Rosemary, and Lavender. Furthermore, the high concentration of vitamins and antioxidants in 100% Pure products also helps to extend the shelf life of our products.

100% PURE® products shelf life
100% PURE®’s unique proprietary natural preservative system allows us to make pure, 100%natural formulas with long shelf lives without using any harmful chemical preservatives. Our products last up to 3 years unopened, and on each product, there is an open jar symbol with a number on it that will indicate how long the product will last once opened.

On this jar, it shows 6M. This means that once the product is opened, it can last up to 6 months!