The Original Naked Palette Family

An easy to follow shade breakdown of our 3 Fruit Pigmented® Naked Palettes, plus a history of how we created the first ever ‘naked’ palette!

Written by: 100% PURE® - December 9, 2022

Are you ready for a bit of beauty nostalgia, slash mind blowing makeup fact? 100% PURE, along with Susie Wang, was the first to invent the Pretty Naked palette. We’ll wait while we let your mind explosion dust settle. It’s true. We were the first to the naked palette game, with our first launch of Pretty Naked Palette in 2006 – – a whole four years before any other pretty naked palette came onto the beauty market. A makeup phenomenon was born right here in San Jose, CA, and began to snowball across the world from there. We aren’t upset that this incredible trend caught on (and continues to be absolute fire), more like honored and humbled to be there at the inception of it all. Like our mothers always told us, copying is the most sincere form of flattery. Can you even imagine a beauty vanity without one of our many fruit-pigmented makeup palettes?

Pretty Naked Palette Launches 2006

Years after we launched the original Naked Palette, our product development team went back to work formulating our next big natural makeup palette launch. It might have seemed like an impossible feat, to top the original best-selling palette, but our talented team was up to the beauty challenge.

Pretty Naked Palette II was dreamt up and officially launched on the 10th anniversary of the original makeup palette that started it all. Enter Pretty Naked Palette II. We flipped the palette world on its beautiful head with a bolder, day-to-night palette. Highlighting the classically flattering nudes and metallic tones that work on all skin tones, our latest makeup palette was a versatile must-have. Start with a soft metallic eye for the office and pump it up for after hours with highly pigmented, rich chocolate charcoal eyeshadows. Did we mention that we created our palettes with natural fruit pigments? Deep beautiful hues, directly from Mother Nature, the original beauty queen.

Now that we’ve covered the beginnings, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of each palette, with a full deep dive into the naked palette family. It’s grown to three, with our latest and greatest Better Naked Palette. Fresh out of the wonderful brains of the 100% PURE product development team, we’re building out our cult-classic makeup palette collection. If you’re looking for makeup palette eye candy, then you’re in the right spot. Read more below about each makeup palette comparison with a deep dive into shade descriptions as well as swatches. Who says you can’t collect them all?

Fruit Pigmented® Naked Palette Collection Comparison Guide

Swatch Key:

Luminizer [top to bottom] Pretty Naked, Pretty Naked II, Better Naked

Blush [top to bottom] Pretty Naked, Pretty Naked II, Better Naked

Eyeshadow #1 [top to bottom] Pretty Naked, Pretty Naked II, Better Naked

Eyeshadow #2 [top to bottom] Pretty Naked, Pretty Naked II, Better Naked

Eyeshadow #3 [top to bottom] Pretty Naked, Pretty Naked II, Better Naked

The original Pretty Naked Palette might have been where your love affair with 100% PURE began. It’s a makeup staple for creating a natural makeup look. Our fruit pigmented® palette highlights soft, neutral tones to enhance everyone’s beauty without looking too “done-up.” Peep below for the classic ‘everyday’ makeup palette, that includes three eyeshadows, one blush, and one luminizer colored from vitamin rich fruit and vegetable pigments — never cheap synthetic dyes.

Great For: Nude, Neutral Makeup

Palette Shade Highlights: Neutral, Metallic Nudes, Soft Pinks

Pro Tip: Luminizer is best for pink to neutral undertones

VideoSunny’s 5 Minute Natural Makeup Tutorial


    Pink Champagne

    Our natural makeup luminizer is a pink luminescent powder with pearly-gold shimmer.

  2. BLUSH

    Pretty Naked

    Lightly apply our natural blush that we perfectly formulated with a warm peachy nude hue.


    Flax Seed

    The perfect eyeshadow base color made with pale pink nudes and taupe undertones in mind.



    We dreamt up an eyeshadow shade of taupe-grey with silver undertones for application on your crease for a bit of subtle depth.



    A buttery rich chocolate hue with hints of bronze reveals little glimmers of rosy undertones with subtle movements.

Pretty Naked II is a makeup collection featuring flattering nudes and pops of metallic tones. We showcased timeless romance and classic beauty in this natural nude makeup palette. Versatile enough for day or night, and features three eyeshadows, one blush, and one luminizer colored from vitamin rich fruit and vegetable pigments — never cheap synthetic dyes.

Great For: Day to Night Look

Palette Shade Highlights: Nudes, Rose, Smokey Neutrals

Pro Tip: Luminizer is best for cool to neutral undertones

VideoDay to Night Natural Smokey Eye Tutorial



    Our natural makeup luminizer highlighted is a pale, dusty pink luminescent powder with pearly shimmer.

  2. BLUSH


    Our natural blush was perfectly formulated for all makeup lovers looking for a rustic peach-pink glow.



    Soft gold flecks sparkle in a base of nude gold tones in this gorgeous eyeshadow shade.



    Apply our deep, taupe-brown eyeshadow as a base color for a warm evening look that highlights the charcoal and bronze shimmer undertones.



    Amplify and update a smokey eye with our deep, charcoal-purple eyeshadow with hints and flecks of ruby sparkle within the beautiful base shade.

The Better Naked Palette is the new, youngest sister to the Naked Palette family, celebrating an updated nude look with dreamy soft rose, taupe, and beige tones. You can easily amp a neutral look up with stunning warm shimmer. Peek below for the scoop on the three new eyeshadows, blush, and luminizer colored from vitamin rich fruit and vegetable pigments — never cheap synthetic dyes. It’s time to wake up from hibernation and be reborn in the spring.

Great For: Nude, neutral makeup

Palette Shade Highlights: Warm Nudes, Rose, Golden Shimmer

Pro Tip: Luminizer is best for neutral to warm undertones

VideoNude Makeup Tutorial



    Glow away with our natural makeup luminizer that’s a beige luminescent powder with pearly-gold shimmer.

  2. BLUSH


    Get ready for spring with our natural blush that’s a rosy nude with warm undertones, perfect for adding a natural healthy looking flush.



    This golden eye shadow with warm shimmer is a true stunner that will elevate any look.



    A milk chocolate brown eyeshadow for a soft dreamy look, with rosy undertones to add natural warmth.



    Transform your look with our rich taupe eyeshadow, with charcoal undertones for beautiful added depth.

Makeup Palette Ingredient Comparison

We’re still in a beauty comparison mood, so we figured why not cover the actual ingredients in our natural makeup palettes versus what’s hiding in conventional makeup palettes. This part might be a little harder to swallow, certainly less eye candy, but nonetheless, one of the most important sections in this makeup palette breakdown. Have you ever flipped your makeup palette over to take a peek at the ingredient list on the back? Okay, maybe not, but does your makeup palette even list the full ingredients used to make that beauty wonder? If not, we’d pose the question…what are they hiding? We’re so proud of the healthy ingredients we use to formulate our makeup palettes we would never bury them out of sight; bright red strawberry powder, silky avocado butter, and flickering micas, just to name a few. Keep reading below to see what healthy ingredients we’ve swapped in for the common toxic ingredients in conventional makeup palettes.

Conventional MakeupTalc

100% PURE SwapRice Powder

You might have been reading more and more about the dangers of talc in makeup, so why are conventional beauty brands still including this harmful powder? Talc is a powdered mineral that – depending on its source – can be laced with asbestos. Forgot all the guessing if the talc is “safe” or not and use a powder you know is harmless – like rice! We’ve taken this common dinner plate staple and finely ground it into a smooth, silky powder. Free of any toxic chemicals, rice powder is the perfect natural swap for any powdered beauty product, like our natural blushes and natural eyeshadows.

Conventional MakeupCarmine

100% PURE SwapStrawberries, Raspberries, Cranberries

All animals deserve protection, not just the adorable, tiny ones, so we’re shining a spotlight on the less-than-cute but just as deserving cochineal beetles. They might have the fuzzy factor going for them but it’s what’s inside their bodies that is most sought after. Conventional cosmetic companies are still formulating with this “natural” dye source, the bodies of crushed cochineal, also known as carmine. Described as the most perfect shade of highly pigmented red, we still can’t quite grasp how anyone can get over the pain and sadness it took to get it. Pain isn’t beauty, at least not in our books. Why not actually use natural source of gorgeous reds through our patented fruit-pigmented technology using ripe strawberries, bright cranberries and a plethora of other fruits and veggies. Loaded with vitamins and healthy minerals, fruit pigments stand up to any makeup test of durability, opacity and wearability.

Conventional MakeupAluminium Powder, Tin Oxide

100% PURE SwapMica

Shine, sparkle, glimmer. We want it all! Flecks and specks, do you know what those little glimmer-y bits are made of? If it’s conventional makeup, most likely plastic, aluminum powder or tin oxide. Hmm…not as glamorous as you might have imagined. Luckily, 100% PURE sources their fine shimmery powder from natural mica rock.

Conventional MakeupPolyurethane

100% PURE SwapAvocado Butter

We’ve covered some of the ingredients that are in eyeshadows or blush but what’s actually holding the powders together? Magic? Gravity? Well, for 100% PURE powdered formulas, it’s rich, creamy avocado butter. This moisturizing agent is the perfect base to carry fruit pigments. Our silky, highly pigmented blushes and luminizers easily glide on your skin with the help of vitamin rich avo butter. Yum! Wouldn’t you rather have this natural ingredient instead of polyurethane? First off, it’s a copolymer, basically a everyday plastic that is also used in building insulation, car parts and composite wood panels…what!? Conventional makeup loves this synthetic, not to mention cheap, toxic ingredient because it holds their powders together and allows for smooth application.

We carefully hand-select products based on strict purity standards, and only recommend products we feel meet these criteria. 

The information in this article is for educational use, and not intended to substitute professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment and should not be used as such.