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  • Rated 4.93 out of 5
    Natural icon - Product Page Natural   Vegan icon - Product Page Vegan   Cruelty free icon - Product Page Cruelty Free   Gluten free icon - Product Page Gluten Free DESCRIPTION . 10% Vitamin C: Boosts Collagen and Elastin production; Brightens . 10% Niacinamide: Increases ceramide levels for moisture and suppleness . 10% Vitamin E: Restores and protects from free radical, environmental damage . 1% CoQ10: Reverses sun damage . 1% Retinol: Lessens and prevents lines and wrinkles / firms skin Potent, stabilized vitamins work synergistically to reduce lines and wrinkles, increase firmness and elasticity, brighten and even skin tone. Niacinamide and Vitamin C are two anti-aging superstars but not usually formulated together because of difference in pH levels. However, we formulated with Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate, the highest quality, most stable form of Vitamin C with a pH balance of 6, the same as Niacinamide which makes them work harmoniously together to restore a youthful, healthy, glowing complexion. Balanced serum can also be used around eyes, including your lids. VEGAN
    Great Improvements! This product has given me great results in a short amount of time. It is smoothing my skin and lessening my fine lines! It smells wonderful, goes on with ease, and the bottle is easy to use and store. Great product! ★★★★★
    Tiffany (Verified Buyer in USA)
    Best night serum I've EVER used! I absolutely love this product, my skin looks and feels AMAZING!! It's lightweight not greasy at all and absorbs quickly! I am addicted!! I hope they don't ever discontinue this product, so many items that I have used are gone now. I don't see how this product can be improved it's perfect! ★★★★★
    angelina sullivan (Verified Buyer in USA)
    Good for dark spots I used the Vitamin C serum, but wasn't sure I was getting a lot of benefits, so I switched to this serum. I use this serum in conjunction with the Purist vitamin A & C overnight balm. I'm about halfway through the bottle and have noticed that a couple of darker spots on my forehead have faded. I'm pretty pleased with the results, so will repurchase. ★★★★★
    Jessica (Verified Buyer in USA)
    I really like it Ever since the last release of new products a few months back, my skin have been improving so much. I really like this product. It smells great, and I think the retinol and vitamin C in it are really helping my acne prone skin. Not the biggest fan of the texture (I like more lightweight- but I understand that it may need to be like this to get the best results- and I use it at night, so it's okay). Will continue to purchase. ★★★★★
    Cassandra T. (Verified Buyer in USA)
    Miracle in a bottle This serum is amazing! I have sensitive and acne prone skin and this serum makes my skin calm and glowing. It's helped my overall skin tone and reduced blemishes. I wake up in the morning and my skin looks amazing. Love it! ★★★★★
    Megan (Verified Buyer in USA)
  • Rated 4.93 out of 5
    Stable, potent Vitamin C boost for all skin types to help firm the skin and brighten skin tone. Lightweight, absorbs quickly. Use on clean skin, under other treatments or alone.


  • Rated 4.86 out of 5
    Natural icon - Product Page Natural   Vegan icon - Product Page Vegan   Cruelty free icon - Product Page Cruelty Free   Gluten free icon - Product Page Gluten Free PRODUCT DETAILS An effective serum for visibly reducing dark spots and age spots, without the use of chemical lighteners or bleaching agents. Evens skin tone with highly effective, safe and natural ingredients like sake, matsutake mushroom, lime, and papaya. Includes hydrating aloe juice and moisturizing, restorative rosehip oil. USA CUSTOMERS' REVIEWS
    Give it some time. It does lighten! This is great for lightening acne scars!! It takes a month to notice but it works. ★★★★★
    Justine(Verified Buyer in USA)
    New best friend right here!! I absolutely love this product and I'll definitely continue buying it and using it. It has definitely worked on my skin and I'll recommend it to anyone who will ask about it. ★★★★★
    Lynda Bourne (Verified Buyer in USA)
    Lovely I waited to review this serum for a month and a half. They recommend waiting at least 30 days before making a final decision on whether the product works for you. Some background: I have really sensitive, acne prone skin that gets dry during the winter months and super oily during hot summers. Moisturizer has always been an issue for me because if there's any type of fragrance or too many ingredients and preservatives, then my skin will react by forming deep pimples that take at least three weeks to go down. I also keep away from essential oils because my skin reacts to that as well even though it's natural. I went to an actual store in Berkeley, CA where I tested the serum on my skin before purchasing. It's unscented, very lightweight, and the ingredients are really clean. I noticed that with consistent use and using it morning and night, my skin has evened out a lot more and the acne scars I have are fading. It also moisturizes really well, and I'm confident that it could be used as a standalone moisturizer in the summer. I use argan oil and rosehip oil afterwards to help seal it it. I don't think it's something you can use in two weeks and expect results. You need to be consistent with it. One downside is how pricey the little bottle is. Because I use it twice every day, I have gone through about half the bottle already, so I think this will only last about 3 months after consistent use. This is the priciest thing in my skincare routine, but it's worth it. ★★★★★
    Tiffany(Verified Buyer in USA)
    Fast-working I was honestly surprised how quickly I noticed results from this serum. It may take a while to completely restore a complexion, but I am quite pleased with how well it's been working so far. ★★★★★
    Jill W. (Verified Buyer in USA)
    Amazing! I've been using this for a very short amount of time and I've already noticed a difference in my skin. My hyperpigmentation has definitely faded some. I'm using it along with the PM and vitamin c serum. The only thing I don't like is the smell, but it isn't very strong and it doesn't linger. ★★★★★
    Darlene (Verified Buyer in USA)
    Works surprisingly well I was actually talked into buying this product by a sales woman. At first I was very skeptical if this would actually work. But I have been using it as part of my nightly rotation and have noticed a difference in how my skin looks. This is definitely something that I will be repurchasing in the future. ★★★★
    jan (Verified Buyer in USA)
    This works! I've been using the dark spot remover for about 2 months, twice a day. I took a picture of my badly scarred areas before I started and I can see a major difference, although they are still there. Plus, my skin tone has evened out and is a lot less inflamed than normal. I love this product and I'm so glad I took a chance on it. ★★★★★
    Madison S. (Verified Buyer in USA)
    IT WORKS I used this with the vitamin c serum and my dark spots faded away. No more hyper pigmentation thank u 100 percent pure ★★★★★
    Ariel (Verified Buyer in USA)
    AMAZING!! First of all, I never purchased this myself it came in one of my order, as a full sized bottle with the brightener and vitamin C. So at first I didn't really use it, and its kind of an old bottle now, and needed a moisturizer so I went ahead and use a pea sized amount of this and the brightener to hurry up and finish them up so I can get them out of the bathroom since they could be expired or expiring soon. I didn't want it to go to waste. Anyways unknowingly, within a week, my scars and hyper pigmentation left behind from acne scars, are fading... I'm like weirded out and shocked... Ive never used a dark spot remover or brightener before... I thought they don't work... I'm going to repurchase these after I finish my bottles, and would like to see how it works with more active ingredients since my bottles are old. I'm so blown away, I'm really amazed that these actually did give actual results. It looks just like a lotion... it feels really good on my skin too, very conditioning. Anyways, Ive become a believer in these products, they actually work. I just wanted to mention, I am also doing more raw foods, and have been vegan almost my whole life. But I know it was the cream, because the color of the scar, the red marks are fading! ★★★★★
    Danyah A. (Verified Buyer in USA)
    Impressive Ingredients, Lovely Results I was anxious about spending this much on a single product, though I was excited to see that one existed with such an impressive list of natural ingredients. I have been using it for about two weeks now, each night and each morning, and I have definitely noticed much improvement in my skin tone. I suffered from a horrendous bout of acne as a teenager and have been left with acne scars on much of the lower half of my face. When I usually wash my face and wash off any makeup, my skin is red and agitated. After using this product, I can see my original skin tone shining through and the red scars fading into more of a gentle pink. And, I have hardly used much of the product. I am looking forward to watching how these results progress. I highly recommend this dark-spot remover to someone who wants to finally clear their skin of acne scars. I've tried so many other "natural" products that have not worked nearly as well as this. It seems like I will not have to buy this product again once I use it all the way through, so it is definitely worth the one-time expense. ★★★★★
    Ashley (Verified Buyer in USA)
    It worked! I admit that I was skeptical about this product but I have a spot on my face which really bothers me, and I was able to purchase this during a special promotion, so I tried it. It did not work overnight, but it did work! It did not completely remove the spot but greatly diminished it so that my 2nd Skin Foundation covers it! Very satisfied with this ★★★★★
    Debbie D. (Verified Buyer in USA)
    Minimal Improvement I have used the Dark Spot Remover for about two weeks every morning and occasionally evenings prior to applying moisturizer. This product has an earthy smell, reduced hyperpigmentation slightly, and I have noticed my skin feels softer. I will continue to use the Dark Spot Remover in hopes to reduce hyperpigmentation further. ★★★★
    Trisha B. (Verified Buyer in USA)
  • DESCRIPTION Fermented rice water (Sake) is rich in enzymes, amino acids, malic acid, minerals, and vitamins that deeply soften and nourish skin by replacing lost moisture, while giving skin a healthier glow. A concentration of white mulberry, shiitake mushroom, licorice and citrus evens skin tone, lessens appearance of dark spots, and brightens. VEGAN
  • DESCRIPTION Skin brightening serum enlivens dull looking skin for a luminous complexion. Rather than using harsh chemical skin lighteners, this 100% Pure formula gets its brightening effect from natural, gentle ingredients like bearberry, kojic acid, sake, fruit acids, licorice, vitamin C, lemon juice and strawberries. Vegan