Natural Bath and Body Wash

We all love sinking into warm, soapy water and letting all the stresses of the day melt away, but when’s the last time you were truly pampered? Our luxurious bath and body washes use the soothing, healing properties of the finest natural ingredients to ensure that you leave the bath feeling rejuvenated and invigorated!

Our richly foaming shower gels will help you relax, ease stress and purify your skin in a perfectly gentle manner. After a long day our skin often pays the price, and it’s good to scrub off all of that accumulated dirt and debris.

Afraid that your sensitive skin might not get along with the ingredients in our products? If you’ve had bad experiences with body wash in the past, such as redness and itching, then it was most likely because of the artificial preservatives and fragrances that are found in many other products on the market. Here at 100% PURE®, though, we’re sure that Organic Aloe, Rose Hydrosol, Coconut and a host of other natural fruits, flowers and vegetables won’t have an adverse effect.

Get a PURE, gentle bath and shower solution today!

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