Natural Shampoo

Our brilliantly formulated, natural shampoos are what your hair’s been waiting for! We’ve made sure they’re gentle enough for all hair types, including color treated hair. None of our natural shampoos contain sulfates or any other detergents that can strip healthy proteins from your hair; they’re made to pamper your locks, naturally. Our diverse collection of 100% PURE® and Glossy Locks natural shampoos are here to rescue and replenish your locks!

Luscious blends of Coconut Oil, Honey and other naturally beneficial glossing ingredients in our shampoos will help coat your locks with moisturizing essential oils for a healthier scalp and stronger roots. Our natural shampoos fortify hair by using vitamin rich Kelp, Sea Buckthorn and Vitamin E, keeping your hair beautifully shiny and stunningly strong. Volumizing natural shampoos keep it vegan and cruelty-free by using Avocado and Neem, with Flax added to boost your hair’s elasticity.

100% PURE® natural shampoos are pH balanced and made to restore your hair’s porosity with Organic Rose Hydrosol, making them safe for freshly color treated locks. Calendula promotes hair growth and deters dandruff in our natural shampoos, while infusions of healing Nettle and Neem fight hair loss and excessive strand fallout.

All of our glossing and moisturizing natural shampoo formulas were developed to cleanse, strengthen and protect your hair, naturally: free of toxins and 100% cruelty-free, always.

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