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This latex-free makeup blender is perfect for applying both cream and liquid formulas! Its unique teardrop design allows for dual styles of application: a tapered end for hard-to-reach places, and a wide, rounded edge for fast and even coverage over areas like the chin, cheeks, and forehead.


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Latex free. Odor free. Non-allergenic.

Can be used wet or dry. For a dewy finish, saturate Makeup Blender with water and squeeze out excess water so sponge is slightly damp. Whether using wet or dry, apply foundation using a gentle bouncing motion to avoid streaks. You’re left with a flawless application of your favorite Fruit Pigmented® Foundation!

For those who desire an easy, clean, and flawless foundation application.


4 reviews for Non Latex Makeup Blender

  1. Marisha Kamini Sundra Rajoo (verified owner)

    Excellent makeup blender
    This is the first time I have used a makeup blender and I am very happy with this product. I have been using it for over 2 months now. I use it almost everyday in applying the 100 Percent Pure Healthy Skin Foundation in Golden Peach. Before I purchased this blender, i would blend my foundation using my fingers or normal makeup sponges which would often leave my foundation looking patchy. However, once I started using this product, I could really see the difference as my foundation blended in a lot better to match the tone of my skin. It certainly had a more natural finish. This blender is soft, gentle on the skin and very easy to use. Its tear drop design allows me to blend foundation all over my face including the crevices of my nose and around my eyes. It is also easy to wash and I wash it with some mild, natural soap every time I use it and let it air dry so I may use it again the following day. I am surprised that the blender is still in good condition despite having used it numerous times. It should last for a few months provided you wash it carefully as well as dry and store it well. Overall, I am very impressed with this product. I highly recommend to add this to your 100 Percent Pure routine.

  2. Hadiana Ibrahim Ali (verified owner)

    Great Blender!
    I love applying my make up with this blender. I think it gives an airbrush finish and makes my face feel so hydrated and fresh. I prefer this so much more over brushes especially if u have dry skin like me. Whenever I would use brushes or my fingers the makeup in my dry areas would look very cakey. With this blender, I can dab the makeup on and my face look so much better! Plus it’s latex free!

  3. Regine R (verified owner)

    Tried this make up blender but it’s really too hard and densed to apply make up nicely.

    • 100% PURE®

      Hello Regine, To use the makeup blender make sure that you get it damp, apply your makeup using a “stamping” motion and then use it to blend onto the skin. We hope this helps!

  4. Tsae Yun Low (verified owner)

    I had try this make up blender. It’s easy to apply with liquid foundation.

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