USDA Organic Puristry

Puristry is the chemistry of pure ingredients.

Thanks to her background of extensive research and formulating with plants, Susie Wang distinctly understands and utilizes each plant or ingredient’s unique biology, and formulates based off of that knowledge.

It isn’t about adding a bunch of ingredients together and saying they work. It’s about deeply knowing each ingredient–

what it works well with, what it doesn’t–and how to best deliver that targeted nutrition into the skin.

Yes, these products
are natural..

but the deeper focus is about understanding the chemistry in ingredients. Puristry goes above and beyond this creed because not only are its products natural and potently formulated

— they’re actually certified organic by government standards. 

Puristry USDA Organic Seal

This is a huge accomplishment due to the fact that currently, the USDA Organic Seal is the only standardized organic system that exists in America to guarantee that a product is organic to a specific set of requirements.

Puristry Skin Care Collection

Susie’s Vision for Puristry

Puristry stems from a single hero ingredient focus per product for clean, condensed, specific results. She has chosen the ingredient best suited for the purpose of each product; the other less prominent nutrients in the formulas are simply there to complement and synergistically support the hero ingredient.

Clean, Condensed, Specific Results

This line is different than any others Susie has invented. It focuses on simple, highly concentrated primary ingredients to deliver optimum results. For example, the Nopal Cactus she uses is dramatically more potent and condensed. Since Nopal Cactus is 80 percent water, Susie removes the water to make a powerful, effective “dose” of this ingredient to best utilize its benefits for the skin.

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Puristry USDA Organic

‘Added this Restorative Facial Oil from @organicpuristry to my morning routine, leaving my skin soft and smells so good,’ says @thecuriousnatalia! #Puristry #PuristryGirls

Puristry USDA Organic

Isn’t she stunning? @addi_reese shows off how she combats summer heat with our Restorative Facial Oil, available soon in malaysia #Puristy #PuristryGirls

In order to keep your skin hydrated make sure to use our Seaberry Moisturizer! It contains a synergistic blend of antioxidant packed oils like coconut oil, grapeseed oil, and seabuckthorn fruit oil. 📸: @izzieraephotography

“Very gentle, refreshing. I rarely have used a consistent face wash daily because everything dries my skin. This face wash it the first one that really doesn’t dry it at all. It’s very light, but my skin feels clean and refreshed. I love using it.”⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Lucy – Verified Buyer of Nopal Cactus Cleanser⠀

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“I can’t resist a good toner that not only cleanses the skin but infuses it with skin friendly nutrients.” @heyaprill

In need for a new nighttime skin care routine? @thoughtfulmisfit is using our Restorative Facial Oil & Vine Therapy Serum before she goes to bed in order to give her skin a healthy summer glow. 🌟✨

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What does toner do for skin? It’s the secret weapon of many skin care gurus. Use the Flower Water Toner after our Nopal Cactus Cleanser as a second wave cleanser, and before your serum and moisturizer to prep your skin for those precious nutrients!

“The most underrated part of your skin care routine? Cleansing. It’s more than just splashing water onto your face or using makeup wipes. Take your time to massage our Nopal Cactus Cleanser into your skin, sweeping away oil buildup while promoting a natural glow. Don’t forget to follow up with the Flower Water Toner, which packs in witch hazel for a purifying finish. ” @organicpuristry

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